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An Emerging Leader in Service Industry
Computer Service Center is a single call solutions provider of computer support services, offering a range of consultant, design, installation, support desk, and communications services tailored to the computing and networking needs of our clients. Combined with our field service and repair divisions, these services provide the core of our single call solutions contracts for firms and agencies throughout the commercial and governmental sectors. Service and support contracts are tailored specifically to client needs and can accommodate most any sized firm or agency. Our vendor independent policy gives our clients their choice of equipment and software vendors, and our certified authorization service group provides the basis for quality technical service.

Computer Service Center is well known for its client partnering relationships through its regularly scheduled evaluation and report meetings for client management teams and our RoyalBlue support and dispatch program provides meaningful reports and real time call tracking for our client partners.

Our more than 11 years of experience in providing solutions has positioned CSC to extend its services to a wide range of commercial firms and governmental agencies. Through our partnering relationships with our clients, we have been able to minimize contract expenses, lower service costs, and reduce systems down time.

Our depot facilities, staffed by certified and experienced staff technicians can manage the service needs for servers, routers, monitors, printers, redundant storage devices, multiple-CDs servers, and associated peripherals.

Applications Experience
CSC supports a wide range of application software, including most Microsoft Office products, SBT accounting software, tracking programs, banking and financial software, POS programs, and numerous communications products.

Equipment Experience
Computer Service Center, Inc. has extensive service experience with a wide range of manufacturers’ brands of servers, backup devices and media, imaging systems, routers and switches, personal computer systems, terminals; laser and dot matrix printers; and peripherals such as modems, plotters, and digitizers.

Manufacturers’ Representative
CSC represents a number of manufacturers in the performance of warranty service and repairs both on-site and at its main depot repair facility in Rochelle Park, NJ. Among the manufacturers represented are Apple, Brother, Compaq, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lexmark, OkiData, Panasonic, Sharp, and Toshiba. In addition, CSC employs Novell, Microsoft, and Cisco certified staff.
CSC provides service on network systems running Novell and Microsoft products, PC based operating systems, Cisco routing and switching products.

CSC System
The tri-State area's premiere integrator of food service automation technologies, serving New York, Long Island, New Jersey and California. Since our inception in 1998, we have continually strived to offer powerful, reliable, and affordable solutions to both corporate and independent markets. We offer an exciting array of products and services designed to cut operating costs while maximizing return on your investment. Our clients range from single station cash and carry operations to multinational corporations, and everything in between. The core of our product have been successfully installed in over 500 locations worldwide, including fast food chains, restaurants, corporate food service, delivery operations, catering facilities, bars, hotels,school institutions, and more.

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