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CSC- Connects you to the communication world with up-to-date technologies.

Support - Reliability, Availability, Serviceability
At CSC Support means:
  • Customer Status Reporting/Status Meetings
  • Providing A Solution For Technical Issues
  • Providing Qualified Staff at all Times
  • Quality Assurance/Auditing
  • Reliability, Availability, Serviceability
  • Spare Parts Inventory
  • Sufficient Number of Personnel Assigned
  • Support/Service Desk line: "800 Number"
  • Training

  • Customer Status Reporting/Status Meetings
          Meetings with client staff are regularly scheduled to apprise them as to the current work status, operational status of equipment, and any problems that have arisen. During such meetings, our staff outlines any and all measures taken to solve the identified problems. A complete statement of all activities for the reporting period as well as a year to date status report is forwarded to the client 48 hours before each meeting.

    Providing A Solution For Technical Issues
          As a certified service center for most computer manufacturers, we staff qualified technicians who are capable of effecting repairs at the board level. In addition, our field engineers and depot technicians have access to manufacturers’ technical support personnel for resolving unexpected technical problems. Situations requiring bench repair are usually fixed within 24 hours. In cases where a repair cannot be affected in a timely manner, loaner equipment is put in place until the problem can be resolved.

    Providing Qualified Staff at all Times
          Our depot facility is staffed with a full compliment of qualified and certified technicians trained to provide additional technical support to field personnel. Our technicians assist in maintaining our warranty certifications by participating in manufacturers’ training and re-certification programs.

    Quality Assurance/Auditing
          Quality control is assured through periodic reviews of response times, time-on-job requirements, and telephone follow up calls to measure service performance. Repair and maintenance services utilize OEM standards, where available, and follow generally accepted industry standards. As an authorized repair center, all replacement parts equal or exceed manufacturer’s specifications.

    Reliability, Availability, Serviceability
    Computer Service Center ensures satisfaction by offering:
    Qualified And Certified Personnel.
    On Site, Extensive Parts Inventory.
    Depot Service.
    A Complete Call Tracking System For Adequate Reporting And Efficient Management Control.

    Spare Parts Inventory
          To help ensure that repairs are made as promptly as possible, experience is relied upon to develop an inventory that represents frequently needed replacement parts. This inventory is maintained so additional parts can be delivered directly to a location.

    Sufficient Number of Personnel Assigned
          Wireless communication maintains contact with all field personnel. Field technicians can be re-directed for system critical faults. If demand dictates, additional personnel are added. All response times and on-site visits are monitored.

    Support/Service Desk "
    Help desk support services for basic office applications.
    Direct phone-in support services for client specific applications and hardware
    Hotline: 800 Number"
    Direct dial for reporting system faults.

          CSC can arrange and manage training on office applications, basic computing skills, email and internet usage, remote communications procedures.

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