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CSC- Connects you to the communicatuion world with up-to-date technologies.

Service - Completeness, Quality, Satisfaction
Integrated and Modular Service Offerings

Cabling Services
Design and Install premise voice and data cabling
Install fiber optic cabling and patching
Repair existing cabling runs
Evaluation and Certification of previously installed cabling
Review cabling for building code compliance

Consultant Services
Site Evaluations for existing or planned facilities
System Reviews
Third Party Vendor Evaluation
Pre-Hire Personnel Review

Fixed Asset Tracking of IT Equipment Services (Inventory Services)
Conduct field inventories
Carry out labeling programs
Automate control procedures
Annual review of inventories

Network Design Services
Complete infrastructure evaluations
Needs assessments
Application package requirements
Internet and Email integration
Security controls
Management controls

Networking Services
Complete range of LAN and WAN activities
Network usage reviews, including traffic and protocol testing
Network diagnostic activities, including response times, scheduled backups, remote control problems, and routing errors.

Product Procurement/Acquisition Services
Linked to Vendor Independent Policy
Develop specifications for purchase
Seek best possible costs and sources
Establish direct client purchase lines
Develop RFPs

Project Management Services
Evaluation and/or Development of project needs
Evaluation and Testing of Installations
Vendor Selection
Management of delivery services and daily activities

Relocation Services
Disassembly and assembly of equipment scheduled for moves
Coordination of all moving requirements, including office fixtures

Repair/Maintenance Services
Authorized warranty service for PCs and PC peripherals.
Certified repairs/maintenance on terminal connected devices.

Spare Parts Inventory Warehousing Services
Safe and Secure Warehousing
Prompt site delivery
Control services

Staff Provisioning Services
Long and short term staff outsourcing
Operations, Maintenance, Repairs, and Rollouts
Coordination of third party providers

Staging Services
Headquarters and Remote Site Rollouts
System Setups
Pre-installed application programs
Testing and burn-in procedures
Upgrading projects

Support Desk Services
Dial-up support services for basic office applications
Direct phone-in support services for client specific applications and hardware.

Training Services
Arrange and manage training on office applications, basic computing skills, email and internet usage, remote communications procedures.

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